Are you interested in an infant sling made by Sarah? Great! You and your loved ones are on a path to the wonderful world of baby wearing. PeaceBabies slings come in a standard size, starting with 3 feet of cotton fabric. They are made with SlingRings, specifically designed for the purpose of infant slings. Sarah is happy to make a custom sling with your fabric, if you mail her the fabric. Otherwise, she will chose a fabric for you.

Standard Slings are $75 + $14 S & H. Paypal payments accepted. Order a sling:


The concept of baby wearing isn't new. Many cultures around the world carry their babies using some sort of carrier, usually fashioned out of a part of the mother's clothing or a long piece of cloth. In fact, the term "baby wearing" was coined by Dr. William Sears, co-author of The Baby Book, after observing content babies and their mothers in some of these cultures.

For those of us living in twenty-first century USA, it is not a necessity that we carry our infants. Why would we want to carry our babies on our bodies when there are so many other convenient ways to transport them?


While there are many proven benefits to baby wearing, the two most notable, and probably the most important to you are:

*BABIES who are carried like this are MORE CONTENT

*Wearing Baby makes life EASIER for the PARENT.

And, if these two aren't enough:

*Carrying Baby is great for intellectual and motor development

*Mothers who wear babies will have an increase in 'the mothering hormone,' prolactin. This, in turn, helps to nurture bonding, and makes for more successful breastfeeding and early parenting

* Baby wearing stimulates Baby's immune system, making for a healthier baby.

*Baby wearing is an excellent way for Baby to bond with anyone wearing him or her.

for More Information

There are lots of wonderful things to read about baby wearing, including:

The Baby Book by William and Martha Sears or their website: Babywearing forum

Our Babies,Ourselves by Meredith Small

The Vital Touch by Sharon Heller, Ph.D

“I’m not sure if you remember me, but you totally changed my life—in a good way ;). You made me the two ring slings when I was pregnant and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me, so I just had to write you after all this time to thank you.”
— a satisfied customer