Birth Doula Services: 

I offer a sliding-up scale from $800-1100 for the services described in detail in my Birth Doula Contract.  Included are the following:

Personalized support for YOUR pregnancy and birth

3 (or more) prenatal visits

Phone/text support throughout pregnancy and postpartum period

Dedicated on-call 2 weeks before and after EDD

Full support throughout labor and birth

Postpartum followup




Postpartum Doula Care

Having a newborn in the home changes so much! Postpartum doula care is here for you and your family during this special time.

Some of the services I can provide include:

  • Help with diapering and baby wearing

  • Help establishing and continuing breastfeeding

  • Help communicating with baby through understanding baby’s cues for hunger, tiredness, etc.

  • Birth story Listening

  • Running errands, meal prep and light housekeeping

  • Offering resources and referrals for common postpartum needs

  • Help with older siblings or help with baby while parents spend time with older siblings

  • Care for baby while parents sleep or bathe

  • Restorative care for birthing parent during recovery

  • Placenta preparation

  • Overnight support

Hourly Rate: Daytime: $25/hr. minimum of 4 hrs/week

Nighttime: $30-$35/hr minimum of 8 hours overnight.

Packages: 10 hours of Daytime support = $200

3 Overnights = $720

Other Packages can be created especially for you!

Postpartum Packages make EXCELLENT baby gifts!

Details to be outlined with client at time of hire.